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 To be blunt this is just where the energy is at the moment, and as we tried to articulate with these theses, this phenomenom should be particularly interesting for resarchers and practitioners interested in net culture, software studies, political theory, privacy debates, free labour and platform coops, but also graphic and web application design, and of course free/ libre and open source software.
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 This is why don't have a conclusion, there is nothing to conclude, this is just an introduction. And if you're interested to know more, please get a copy of the INC Transmediale publication published for this edition of the festival. In fact this presentation is a drastically reduced version of an article we wrote for the book.
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-# Future research
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 For us this presentation, the paper and the workshops we led this week, are also a means to share the current state of our research. There's more to come, we're planning to work on a publication with LĂ­dia Pereira and Liaizon Wakest and hopefully we will be able to involve more members of the Fediverse in this project.
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