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   <div class="centreplz">
-  <h2 id="services">Services</h2>
+  <h1 id="services">Services</h1>
   <p>LURK provides a few community services composed of mailinglists, chat and access to the Fediverse. In addition to offering these platforms, we try to document how they are set up on <a href="#wiki">a wiki</a>.</p>
-  <h3 id="mailinglists">Mailinglists</h3>
+  <h2 id="mailinglists">Mailinglists</h2>
   <p>Over at <a href="https://we.lurk.org">we.lurk.org</a> we host several mailing lists using <code>mailman 3</code> and <code>hyperkitty</code>. These are available both via your mail-client as well as your web browser.</p>
-  <h3 id="chat">Chat</h3>
+  <h2 id="chat">Chat</h2>
   <p>On <em>lurk.org</em> we host a server for federated instant messaging and chat. It is based on <a href="https://homebrewserver.club/have-you-considered-the-alternative.html#xmpp-the-federated-messaging-protocol">XMPP</a> and uses <a href="https://prosody.im/">Prosody</a> as a server which is <a href="https://homebrewserver.club/configuring-a-modern-xmpp-server.html">configured to support modern E2E encryption and mobile use</a>.</p>
   <p><a href='https://compliance.conversations.im/server/lurk.org'><img src='https://compliance.conversations.im/badge/lurk.org' alt="XMMP compliance result for LURK XMPP service"></a></p>
-  <h3 id="fediverse-access">Fediverse access</h3>
+  <h2 id="fediverse-access">Fediverse access</h2>
   <p>We provide access to the Fediverse, a communities-run social media network, through a <a href="https://joinmastodon.com">Mastodon</a> instance: <a href="https://post.lurk.org">post.lurk.org</a></p>
-  <h3 id="wiki">Wiki</h3>
+  <h2 id="wiki">Wiki</h2>
   <p>We maintain the <em>Run Your Own</em> wiki, where we try to document how we run LURK and some of our machines, so that we can inspire others to do it as well, and avoid the situation where LURK becomes itself a silo. The wiki is also used by our friends at the <a href="https://homebrewserver.club">homebrewserver.club</a> for dumping ideas, useful links, HOWTOs, and configs for DIY and DIWO self-hosted services: <a href="https://things.bleu255.com/runyourown/">things.bleu255.com/runyourown</a></p>
-  <h2 id="access">Access</h2>
+  <h1 id="access">Access</h1>
   <p>If you would like to have a mailing listed hosted by LURK, or have an account on our Mastodon instance, please drop us <a href="#contact">an email</a> and tell us a bit about you and your project(s). Joining LURK means you are in accordance with our <a href="#our-communities">CoC, TOS, and Privacy Statement</a>.</p>
-  <h2 id="lurk-infra">LURK infra</h2>
+  <h1 id="lurk-infra">LURK infra</h1>
   <p>We currently use three machines:</p>
     <li><em>agnesbaxter</em> is a VPS provided by our friends at <a href="https://servus.at">servus.at</a></li>
@@ -52,13 +52,13 @@
     <li><em>skattkista</em> is our backup machine which is a repurposed nettop running in a university somewhere.</li>
-  <h2 id="our-communities">Our Communities</h2>
+  <h1 id="our-communities">Our Communities</h1>
   <p>LURK is used by several communities coming from a variety of cultural, ethnic and professional backgrounds. We strive for LURK to be welcoming to people of these various backgrounds and provide a non-toxic and harrassement-free enviroment. To that extent we’re in the process of writing a Code of Conduct, Terms of Services and Privacy Statement, and have moderators on different platforms.</p>
   <div id="halp">
   <div class="centreplz">
-  <h2 id="pls-send-halp">Pls send halp</h2>
+  <h1 id="pls-send-halp">Pls send halp</h1>
   <p>Big tech and an abusive misunderstanding of free and open source software practices have led us to believe that software production, server maintenance and online services should be free as in gratis. However there is no such things as a free lunch and software does not exist in a vacuum. If we want sustainable alternatives and a diverse culural sector, these alternatives and the humans behind them, need to be supported. If LURK is useful to you, and if you can afford it, please help us by donating.</p>
   <p>You can support us through <a href="https://liberapay.com/LURK/">Liberapay</a>, Patreon (soon), PayPal (via Liberapay), or by international Bank Transfer (drop us an email at contact).</p>
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@
   <div class="centreplz">
-  <h2 id="contact">Contact</h2>
+  <h1 id="contact">Contact</h1>
   <p>You can reach us here: lurk <em>NOSPAMpls</em> at <em>NOSPAM</em> bleu255 <em>NOSPAM</em> dot <em>NOSPAM</em> com</p>
   <h1 id="lurkers-of-the-world-unite">LURKers of the world unite!</h1>
   <div class="centreplz">
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-h1, h2, h3 {
+h1, h2 {
   font-family: "F5.6-Regular", Fallback, sans-serif;
   font-weight: normal;
   font-style: normal;
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 h1 {
-  word-spacing: 100%;
-  letter-spacing: -0.1em;
+  font-size: 2.5em;
+  letter-spacing: 1.05em;
-h2 {
-  word-spacing: 110%;
-  letter-spacing: 0.1em;
+#halp h1 {
+  color: #000000;
-h3 {
-  word-spacing: 110%;
-  letter-spacing: 0.1em;
-  color: #DDEEFF;
+h2 {
+  font-size: 1.5em;
+  letter-spacing: 0.5em;
 em {