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   <p>On <a href="https://compliance.conversations.im/server/lurk.org">LURK</a> we host a server for federated instant messaging and chat. It is based on <a href="https://homebrewserver.club/have-you-considered-the-alternative.html#xmpp-the-federated-messaging-protocol">XMPP</a> and uses <a href="https://prosody.im/">Prosody</a> as a server which is <a href="https://homebrewserver.club/configuring-a-modern-xmpp-server.html">configured to support modern E2E encryption and mobile use</a>.</p>
   <h2 id="fediverse-access">Fediverse</h2>
-  <p>We provide access to the Fediverse, a communities-run social media network, through a <a href="https://joinmastodon.com">Mastodon</a> instance: <a href="https://post.lurk.org">post.lurk.org</a></p>
+  <p>We provide access to the Fediverse, a communities-run social media network, through a <a href="https://github.com/hometown-fork/hometown">modified</a> <a href="https://joinmastodon.com">Mastodon</a> instance: <a href="https://post.lurk.org">post.lurk.org</a></p>
   <h2 id="wiki">Wiki</h2>
   <p>We maintain the <em>Run Your Own</em> wiki, where we try to document how we run LURK and some of our machines, so that we can inspire others to do it as well, and avoid the situation where LURK becomes itself a silo.</p><p>The wiki is also used by our friends at the <a href="https://homebrewserver.club">homebrewserver.club</a> for dumping ideas, useful links, HOWTOs, and configs for DIY and DIWO self-hosted services: <a href="https://things.bleu255.com/runyourown/">things.bleu255.com/runyourown</a></p>